The Day Rand Fishkin of Moz.com Passes the Torch To A New CEO

Rand fishkin For every beginning, there must be an end.  This applies to everything, big and small, simple and complex.  I know this sounds a little deep for a blog that deals in SEO and online marketing, but hey, everybody has the right to jump the rails once in a while, right?

As I said, there was a beginning, and now there is an end.  Seven years ago, a guy named Rand Fishkin founded Moz (It was SeoMoz back then) and helped build it up to what it is today.  But as of today, January 16, Rand is passing the reins of CEO-ship over to Sarah Bird.

Today, Rand has posted his last blog entry as CEO of Moz, and even included a video with Sarah and himself talking about the transition of CEO.  In the video, they also talk about how Rand and Sarah first met, as well as going down memory lane.

If you’re interested in checking out the video, you can move on over to Moz.com by following the link below.

Blog Post:  Rand’s Final Post As CEO