The Do’s and Don’ts of AI-Generated Content (Infographic)

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If you are somebody who isn’t normally into something like artificial intelligence, it’s a good idea that you should. You’ll probably want to start paying attention to ChatGPT, especially if you’re into digital marketing.

This tool lets you type natural language prompts, and in return, ChatGPT will deliver conversational responses. It’ll even remember the things you said prior in the conversation, using previous questions and answers to continue an intelligent conversation. Sure, it’s not smart enough to replace all humans yet, but it can certainly help you out in the world of online marketing. ChatGPT is something that might be able to create credible blog posts in mere moments as well.

There are, naturally, things that you should keep in mind when using an AI like ChatGPT, and Google has created some specific rules around AI content use you’d want to consider reading over if you decide to use the AI to create content for your website.

Tailwind has compiled the notes from Google on the use of AI content and what you need to avoid in your process.

Check out the full listing below.