20-social-media-iconsHere’s the deal.  You work hard to come up with a great idea for content, and you put even more work into actually creating the content.  Once everything looks great, you finally publish it on your site.  Now, you just wait for the views to roll in.

But nothing happens.

You sit there dumbfounded, wondering what’s wrong.  Everything about your content is awesome.  You did everything right.  You’re stumped as to why nobody is reading and sharing your content.

So then what’s the problem?  According to , it’s not your audience.  It’s you.  But luckily, it’s a fairly easy fix.  A very important aspect of successful social media marketing is promoting the post, and getting it shared.  This means you have to understand your audience.

In Jordan’s article, he has the key to getting your content viewed and shared by people in social media.  In his post, we’ll find out what kind of people shares your content, what triggers them to do it, and how to inspired them to take action.

Check out the link below to read Jordan’s post and find out what you need to know your audience.

Marketing Land: The Easiest Way To Make Your Content Dominate On Social Media