The Impact of Authentic Customer Reviews on the Buying Decision (Infographic)

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In the business world, numerous factors play a pivotal role in achieving success. While having top-notch products and services and implementing superb marketing strategies are crucial, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the significance of customer reviews.

But one of the things that that really helps that’s easily forgotten is the importance of customer reviews. A recent study carried out by Emplifi in partnership with Harris Interactive reveals that more than 87% of consumers consider real-life customer reviews to hold greater influence over their purchasing decisions compared to direct brand advertisements or the endorsements of influencers.

While businesses can easily tout their own excellence in their offerings, it is often easier to deceive people into believing such claims. Genuine customer reviews, on the other hand, provide the most reliable means to gauge a business’s true quality.

We value the opinions of actual customers when it comes to evaluating a product or service. The following infographic summary contains significant insights and key points that can help reshape your approach to promotional materials. We believe incorporating these findings will greatly enhance your understanding of customer perspectives.

Check out Emplifi’s full study here.

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