Now that the newest changes to “close variants” of each match keywords have started rolling out more broadly than the last the last time Frederick Vallaeys wrote about it, he began hearing anecdotes about some of the impact.  One of the conferences that Vallaeys attended, there was a few advertisers who had reported significant changes in performance due to some close variants that didn’t seem very close at all.  Although there are advertisers who are certainty reaping the benefits of this change with cheap additional conversions, in the end, the results are mixed, making it worth looking at four was that Google Ads Scripts can help restore control for advertisers who are impacted.

Last month, Vallaeys shared a script that would help you easily see the impact for our own account, but now, he’ll take the script a step further.  With this newest version, you’ll be able to automatically add negative keywords for close variants that don’t very well.  He even shares two variations of similar scripts that automate adding negative keywords, and a script that gets high level match type performance reports.

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