The Implications of AI on Search Behavior: Tom Anthony on the Context Explosion

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In a recent Whiteboard Video, Tom Anthony, CTO of SearchPilot, talks about how AI like GPT-3 is leading to an “explosion of context” in search. As search engines evolve to understand more natural language queries with greater context, it will change search behavior and SEO strategies.

Anthony points out how in the past, search engines were designed for short 2-5 keyword queries. Users would then click results and browse sites to find what they need in a process called “post-search browsing.”

But with AI like GPT-3, search can understand longer, more conversational queries with more context. Anthony calls this the “context explosion.” Users can refine and filter right in the search interface rather than browsing sites afterwards.

He explains how Project MAGI shows Google is moving in this direction too. They want to bring AI into search to anticipate user needs and get them to provide more explicit context. Anthony predicted they would add faceted search filters, which they did.

So we may see much longer and more unique searches as AI allows more natural conversations with search engines. Anthony says this context explosion over the next 6-12 months will profoundly impact SEO strategies.

Be sure to check out the video to hear Tom Anthony’s insightful predictions and analysis on this topic.

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