???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, you got yourself a website, huh?  You’ve got yourself some good content and some nice images and videos that you know could really bring in the visitor.  But sometimes, there is one thing that some webmasters tend to miss, and that would be XML sitemaps.

The purpose of XML sitemaps are to help communicate directly with the search engines, which alerts them to new or changed content quickly, which helps to ensure that the content on your site is indexed as fast as possible.

 has written a article that helps to remind us that even though we are in an age of content syndication, a well-maintained XML sitemap can really help establish your site as the original source of your content.  For the publishers of content, it’s fully important to make sure Google can understand if your site is the original publisher of content.  And it’s all thanks to Panda.

If you want to know more details about about content syndication, duplicate content and Panda, check out Janet’s post on Search Engine Land now!

Search Engine Land: The Importance Of XML Sitemaps In The Age Of Panda