Social signals have recently become more of a ranking factor as compared to before. The fact that search engines rank a site depending on how useful its content is to the audience, it comes as no surprise that they are being considered as factors. This is because people can only share what they love with others.

These social signals can come from social media likes and shares and social sharing sites like Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon. The number of followers and their level of engagement can influence the legitimacy of your social media page. Twitter and Facebook shares from popular pages can carry more weight.

Also, Google looks at the relevancy of the information on the pages sharing your content. It also ranks high content that has a verified online author attached to it. Google Authorship was abandoned, but Google must be using other means to verify authors.

Although Google doesn’t regard social media shares as individual links, many companies have seen a correlation between high social signals and an increase in rankings. In fact, harsha reddy from  says social signals is among the most important local ranking factors, right next to link and on-page signals. Also, considering the fact that social media channels coincide as search engines that people use to find out things like company information, your SEO strategy definitely needs to incorporate such information.

Hence, in order to see these benefits of social media, you need to produce awesome and engaging content that people want to share with others. On top of that, promote this content by sharing it on social media platforms that your target audience likes to hangout.

However, you should only share your content on social media if you have a huge following, otherwise your efforts will be futile. In order to gain quite a following, you need to share your content with influencers in your industry and encourage them to share it with their followers. Not only will you get more followers, but also traffic and backlinks will increase as people will start looking at you as an authority since an influencer shared your content.

Since search engine optimization constitutes a lot of things aside from social triggers, go on and read the infographic below to get a wider understanding of SEO.