The Key to SEO Success: Forecasting Traffic, Revenue and ROI

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Forecasting and predicting the results of your SEO efforts is a crucial skill for any digital marketer. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Moz’s Tom Mansell explains how you can quantify and demonstrate the value of your SEO campaigns by forecasting organic traffic, revenue, and ROI.

Tom provides an overview of some key aspects of SEO forecasting:

  • Using historical search volume and CTR data to estimate future clicks and traffic
  • Forecasting the revenue value of that estimated traffic
  • Comparing forecasted traffic to actual results to find performance gaps
  • Calculating the potential ROI of SEO efforts

SEO forecasting helps you make data-driven decisions about where to invest your time and resources. By predicting SEO value and setting realistic goals, you can focus on high-impact SEO activities and demonstrate the business value of your SEO program.

Watch this Whiteboard Friday to learn step-by-step how to forecast and articulate the ROI of your planned SEO efforts. Get tips on identifying data sources, calculating metrics, and creating models to quantify the predicted impact of your SEO initiatives.

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