The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Graph Search

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Facebook-graph-search-logoIf you’ve been in touch with online reality at all, you’ve probably used Facebook, or at least heard of.  It’s pretty big.  There are a large number of people using the social media site everyday, and this is how many people keep in touch with others, as well get news on the latest news of their choice.

Everyday, more and more marketers are getting onto Facebook because they realize of the enormous potential link building opportunities that they have when using it.  There are those who understand the strength of the current format, and they know that the data that Facebook has at its fingertips could be what they need in terms of information retrieval and advertising.

This project began publicly just last year with the launch of Graph Search.  In a nutshell, Graph Search is Facebook’s way of mapping data that is given to them by users.  This is what you could call a “Social Search”, a way of creating a search engine based on people, places and things, not on websites.

A post on Moz.com shares with us a guide to the Facebook Graph Search, written by Simon Penson.  By reading through this guide, we’ll learn about what Graph Search is, how to use it, it’s marketing uses, and more.  To find out about the Facebook Graph Search, head over to Moz.com’s Moz Blog, or follow the link below to get to the article directly.

Moz Blog: The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Graph Search

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