mobile-marketing-4It’s pretty crazy the sort of things that can influence digital marketing.  Did you ever think that a phone was ever going to change the way you did your marketing campaigns?  It’s pretty crazy.  Using mobile as a viable source of marketing domination was a pipe dream.  the idea of using any sort of mobile device like this wasn’t yet a big thing.

These days, mobile is one of the big places to be (which is pretty much anywhere you are…after all, that’s what mobile means, right?), and mobile phones are now ubiquitous.  Because of mobile devices, consumers are now changing the way we shop, engage, and gather information.  At this point, mobile is only seeing a way up towards further growth.

Mobile is going to dictate how marketers leverage traditional digital marketing strategies like desktop display and search.   tells us why in his article on Marketing Land, entitled The Mobile Makeover of Digital Marketing.

You can check out his column by following the link below.

Column: The Mobile Makeover of Digital Marketing