Google AdWordsDuring September 30th’s SMX keynote with Brad Bender, who is Google’s vice president of product management for the Google Display Network, a new AdWords Audience Insights report was announced.  In this new report, webmasters will get details on demographics, interests, locations, and device usage for people included on an advertisers’s remarketing lists.

According to Bender, the new AdWords tool allows advertisers to look at people who have purchased from them, letting them better understand their audiences.

Along with Bender’s announcement, an Adwords blog post was written, which defines how advertisers can use the new Audience Insights report, along with a screen shot of what it looks like.

If most people who converted on your site are jazz enthusiasts, you may wish to add this affinity audience to your campaign. Or, if many of your customers are females between the ages of 25 and 34, you might want to customize your ad creative to appeal to this demographic.

–Inside Adwords Blog


There are two quick case studies of advertisers that are already taking advantage of the Audience Insights tool that can be found in the Adwords blog post.  The first one was from a Belgian telecommunications company, called Base.  In that case study, they used the data from the tool to drive more mobile phone subscriptions.

The second case study was from Sony Playstation.  In this one, the Audience Insights tool was used to lift it’s GDN click-through rate 31 percent by targeting classical music enthusiasts.

Here are some of the other announcements that were made during the keynote session:

Here is the live blog of the SMX Keynote with Brad Bender on Marketing Land:

SMX East: Google Announces AdWords Audience Insights, 100% Viewability For Google Display Network & More.

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