The New ‘Creative Guidance Navigator’ Is Launched By Facebook To Provide Marketing Stats And Tips

Recently, Facebook launched their ‘Creative Guidance Navigator‘, which provides a number of ad tips and notes that should help improve ad creation. This is essentially a mini-site that shows off a range of different ad tips you can use for Facebook. Each tip is presented one by one, and if you’re interested in a particular tip, you can click on the ‘Load more’ prompt to create more relevant examples.

You can even filter the display by:

  1. Platform
  2. Format
  3. Industry
  4. Region
  5. Business Size
  6. Objective

Each of these filter options let you drill down so you can get even more specific examples and tips.

You are also given the option to download the visuals for whatever you need, such as sharing with others who might find it useful. By downloading a particular visual, it will expand it into a larger graphic.

Overall, this guide is pretty simple as a site, but it can certainly help depending on your needs when it comes to creating Facebook ads.

Something else to consider if your thinking of using this guide is the impact that has come about thanks to Apple’s ATT update that has affected the Facebook ads ecosystem. You will want to make sure that you are up-to-date with any new processes and optimizations so you won’t be negatively affected by the reduction in audience data comes from the ATT update.

Check out the Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator mini-site here now.

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