The One Thing I Would Change as the CEO of Moz

Moz logo What would you do if you got to be the CEO of Moz for a day?  Would you change anything?  Keep things they way they are?  Become drunk with power?  Maybe not the last one, but anything is possible.  In one case, this happened.  For Wil Reynolds, the CEO of SEER Interactive, he did a CEO swap with Rand Fishkin of Moz.

For Wil, the CEO for the day at Moz was a bit daunting.  It was big, bigger than what he was used to over at SEER.  Would Wil learn anything, as well as contribute to Moz and make it all the better after the day was through?  By the looks of it, he did both.  After his day as CEO at Moz, Wil has written a piece on his experience and posted it on Moz for the whole world to read.  Was there anything to change about Moz?  He wrote about it in his article.

If you would like to find out what Wil felt about his time at Moz, why not check out the full article by following the link below: