wi-fi-hotspotWhen it comes to getting into the heads of retail customers and influencing them at the right moment during their buying journey, it isn’t an easy task.  But because technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, there are those retail marketers who have tapped into data on consumer preferences, timing and other factors to gain the advantage over those who haven’t.  Those marketers who are utilizing this data are making leaps and bounds in consumer engagement.

In the world of retail markets, mobile can be quite disruptive as shoppers are using their smartphones all of the time.  Research shows that mobile users are using their devices while shopping onsite at brick-and-mortar shops.

But to harness the power of mobile,  it takes a lot more than sending sale alerts and creating apps for downloads.  Everybody loves low-investment, high-return tools to find what they’re looking for, at the right price, in the immediate area that they are in to make the purchase.

In a post on Marketing Land, written by columnist , he explores the benefits of in-store Wi-Fi for malls and retails and how it can significantly boost customer engagement.  In the post, he talks about not only tapping into the power of Wi-Fi, but also how immediacy can lead to loyalty.  Check out Allan’s post now by following the link below.

Marketing Land: The Power of Wi-Fi: Using Mobile To Drive Customer Acquisition And Loyalty