A view of Facebook's logo May 10, 2012 iWe know how addictive the social media network, Facebook, can be.  We love to know what’s going on around us and what our friends are up to.  We could spend hours on Facebook and not even realize we’ve spent so much time doing just that.

Not only do we love to looking at news bits and friend posts, but we love engaging with them too.  We enjoy commenting and liking things, and we do it a lot more than we think.  Being hooked on Facebook is really quite interesting.  But what happens when you’re focused on scrolling, reading, commenting, and liking?

What’s the psychology of liking on Facebook?

 has an interesting column that asks that very question, and actually gives us some useful information on the subject.  By understanding the psychology of Facebook liking, it’s possible to use this information to help improve your online marketing on Facebook.   Knowing the mental processes behind the world’s most popular social network is key to getting a head of the rest of the competition.

Check out Neil’s post on Marketing Land and get a head of the competition by knowing the psychology behind liking on Facebook.

Marketing Land: The Psychology Of Liking On Facebook