predictionSome things seem to never change.  Others, they seem to change all the time.  the world of search is certainly one of the latter.

There are so many things that are causing the world of search to change, and are having a ripple effect on the digital marketing tools that brands should use to engage consumers online.

The things that can and are having an effect on search includes:

  • New user interaction scenarios
  • The ongoing maturation of the Internet of Things
  • The growing roll of automation
  • The increasing sophistication of predictive analytics and cognitive computing

In an article written by John Cosley, you’ll find four key trends that are redefining search in 2015 and changing the way we as marketers design and execute digital marketing campaigns.

Check out John’s post by following the link below!

Search Engine Land: The Shifting World Of Search: Predictions For 2015 And Beyond