The Truth About Search And The Shared Experience

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Social-media-sharing-header-650x0With search being incredibly prevalent in this day and age, we tend to use the internet not just as a source of factual information when we are searching for something, but also as a source of social experience.  We might use Google to search for information about a particular product or service, such as a new laptop or tablet as an example.  Our search results may take us to a product page on Best Buy that tells us how good that laptop or tablet is in terms of CPU speed, memory, the size of the screens, etc.

But things have changed over the course of years.  With other sources besides Google to do your research on, you now have access to other places outside Google.  You have Facebook and Twitter.  These places can be incredible sources of information when searching for more personalized information.

You want to find opinions about how that particular brand of tablet performs in a real life situation?  Go on to Twitter and post a Tweet a about that tablet and ask others opinions on their personal experiences with it.  Getting this sort of information can be much more valuable than simply finding out point for point details about the product that you’re searching for.

Brian Solis wrote an article on Moz.com about “behavior and the importance of discovery among an increasingly connected customer and the need to optimize and unite their journeys.”  Everybody is more connected and has an ever increasing amount of information shared between each other.  The personal experience far outweighs the normal search for basic data.

To read Brian’s full article entitle “The Ultimate Moment of Truth: Moving Toward Share Experiences” can be viewed by following the link below:

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