The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

It’s finally out!  MOZ has released the brand-new version of The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet.  This document, which is free for anybody to download, covers everything that is important about SEO code and the best practices that are needed by online developers and marketers.

Benefits and Features

  • Save the Google searches for your new inbound visitors: In this sheet, you will find all of the details you would normally spend a number of hours researching online.  This can save you quite a lot of time to move on to more important things.

  • Available both online and offline: Because the file is a downloadable PDF file, you can view it anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether you’re online or not.  You can even print it as well.

  • Updated for the inbound marketer: There are new sections included in this PDF, like responsive design and rel=”author”.

You can find the Cheat Sheet here: http://d2eeipcrcdle6.cloudfront.net/seo-cheat-sheet/SEOCheatSheet_2-2013.pdf

Here is what is covered:

Page 1

  • Important HTML Elements

  • HTTP Status Codes

  • Canonicalization

  • URL Best Practices

  • Webmaster Tools

Page 1

Page 2

  • Robot Control Syntax

  • Important User-agents

  • Sitemap Syntax

Page 2

Page 3

  • Facebook Open Graph

  • Twitter Cards

  • Google+

  • Google+ Authorship

  • Google+ Publisher

Page 3

Page 4

  • Targeting Multiple Languages

  • Mobile Web Development (Responsive Design)

Page 4

Again, here is the link to download the PDF file: http://d2eeipcrcdle6.cloudfront.net/seo-cheat-sheet/SEOCheatSheet_2-2013.pdf