Despite all the current news surrounding the Oracle/TikTok deal to help it stay in the US, as well as the US President’s ‘blessing‘ and TikTok’s official statements about the app being ‘here to stay‘, things are getting a little weird again.

A while back, ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, did say that they wouldn’t be giving up their algorithm regardless of the final deal. Oracle would only have “the authority to check the source code of TikTok USA.”

Because of this, new algorithms would need to be created due to China’s new laws on the transfer of technology, which includes algorithms when dealing with foreign trade deals. It was assumed originally that the source code would be licensed to who ever took control of TikTok in the US, but due to China’s laws, this won’t happen.

Another big issue regarding this new deal came on September 22 after the US President said that he wouldn’t approve a deal for TikTok if the the full ownership of the product didn’t get sold.

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