wordpress-logoThere are a lot of people out there who run websites on the internet.  There’s a good portion of those websites that are run with WordPress.  If you’re one of them, you’re certainly not in a minority.

Chances are, you probably  have a ton of unpublished content, a number of broken links, spam-filled comments, a huge number of plugins and a number of ugly URLs swimming around in your WordPress powered website.  More than likely, a number of WordPress users have at least one (if not more) of these issues with their site.

But, it’s nothing to worry about, as we got somebody who’s here to help!  Anna Crowe from Search Engine Journal has rounded up her favorite SEO tips that will help streamline your WordPRess site!

She’ll cover things like choosing an SEO friendly theme that’ll juice up multiple devices to a one-and-done plugins.  The checklist that Anna provides will help you upgrade your under-performing website, turning it into a sleek ROI-boosting website in no time.  Check out her checklist by following the link below!

Search Engine Journal: Don’t Launch a WordPress Site Before You Go Through This Checklist