Third-Party Cookies and Digital Marketing: Preparing for 2022

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In January of 2020, Google announced that it was going to eliminate third-party cookies from Chrome by 2022. The company promised that they’d use those two years to come up with a more private alternative that users and advertisers would be happy with.

In the following video, John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility discusses how removing third-party cookies will impact the future of digital marketing. He’ll show you some actionable strategies and insightful techniques that will help prepare you for 2022 and win in a cookieless world!

In this video, John will cover:

  1. Third Party Cookies: what are they and why are browsers like Google Chrome removing them?
  2. Laws and Updates on Cookie Tracking and Removal
  3. Different Companies Approaches to Dealing with the Transition
  4. The Future of Marketing Without Third-Party Cookies
  5. Actionable Ways to Address a Cookieless Web 6. A Third-Party Cookieless Web Checklist
  6. The Future of Digital Marketing (2022 and Beyond)

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