seo-rankings-drop“Why are my rankings dropping?”

Does this question sound familiar?  There are a lot of SEO clients who ask the same question, and it really is a legitimate question for a lot of people who run websites and see that their site isn’t is high on the search engines like it used to.

But to answer this question isn’t as easy as pie, since the question is pretty complicated question.  Of course, there are always some pretty obvious reasons why the rankings of a site would be taking a hit:

  • You got hit with a manual penalty.
  • You have no content.
  • Your site sucks.
  • Any number of other reasons.

As said above, those are merely the obvious reasons.  There are reasons that aren’t so obvious, and a lot of them have to do with what the competition is doing.  The SEO techniques that your competition is pulling has enough grab to completely outmaneuver you and push you down on the search engines.

Neil Patel dug up some of these reasons, and it ends up that it’s these reasons that totally surprise the client.  But knowledge is power.  Once the client has a clear idea what is wrong, they will know how to fix it.

Neil has put these reasons and what you can do to fix them in a post that can be found on Search Engine Journal.  Go check it out now in the link below!

SEJ: Three Unexpected Reasons Your Rankings are Plummeting