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Where To Go Next With Your Google My Business Listing

In regard to digital marketing and search engine optimization, the devil is in the details.  Even the smallest choices can possibly have dramatic effects on  our web presence and search visibility.  This is most evident in Google My Business (GMB). GMB optimization has quickly become something of a cottage industry within the broader scope of [...]

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Google Maps Gets Brighter UI, New Category Icons And More Color-Coding

Google is updating its Maps to have a new look and feel.  The colors have changed and new icons have been added to correspond to places and business categories.  The palette is even brighter now. Food and drink is an orange or gold, shopping is royal blue, services are lavender, entertainment is turquoise, outdoor activities and places [...]

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Google Will Require AMP And Canonical Pages To Match As Of February 1, 2018

According to Google, beginning in February 2018, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and canonical pages have to match or have very "close parity."  Any AMP pages that don't match the content of canonical pages “will not be considered for Search features that require AMP, such as the Top Stories carousel with AMP.” For some time now, content parity has been [...]

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Google News Adds New Referral URL Source That Publishers Should Begin Tracking

Google has announced, if not quietly, in its Google news forum that a new URL referrer source has been added that news publishers should be tracking to get a "comprehensive view of traffic from Google News."  Not only can referrals be tracked from, publishers should also track referrals from There seems to be a connection [...]

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7 Ways To Use Dynamic Content And Multiply Your Conversions

If you were to ask marketers what their goals are, one of the big things that they'd say is to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers.  This goal is aimed at both increasing conversions and meeting customers' growing expectations. How are marketers able to meet the high demand for super-personalized communications?  the short [...]

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