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How Serving Works, Hreflang, And More!

In This Google Search Central video, John, Martin, and Gary dive into how serving works, discuss the Search Central Live debugging session, and the surprising complexity of internationalization and hreflang.

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Clubhouse’s Android Version is Moving Closer

As we have been hearing in the news, Clubhouse, the invitation-only/audio-only app has been the talk of the town recently, especially since many other online and app platforms have been making their own version of Clubhouse for themselves. Clubhouse has been seeing limited audience use since it is currently only available on iOS, but the [...]

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LinkedIn Launches New Ads Guide to Help Marketers Plan their Campaigns

LinkedIn wants to help marketers do their best with their campaigns, so it launched a new overview of its various advertising options, technical requirements and more for every ad type. The purpose of this overview is to expand your on-platform campaigns. The guide is separated into four distinct categories: Sponsored Content - Single Image Ads, Video Ads, [...]

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Some SMBs Learned Social Media Marketing By Just Doing It

In a survey of over 400 entrepreneurs, SkyNova found out that 70% of SMBs learned about social media marketing though simply guessing. 42% of SMBs admitted to copying other brands, while 39% took advantage of free online tutorials. Over a third of the SMBs who participated in the survey went off of intuition.

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Why You Should Use Facebook Groups for your Business

This Hubspot video talks about Facebook Groups, and will dive into the difference between public and private groups, ways to foster relationships with your group members, how to automate group member approvals, and more tips to step up your Facebook Group game.

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How Is Video Influencing Consumer Decision-Making in 2021? (Infographic)

Video is still considered an incredible tool to utilize with your customers in 2021. To help answer the question of if video is influencing your consumers' purchase decisions, the team at Animoto recently surveyed 580 consumers to find out. The following infographic contains key trends, tips and inspiration to help your business to flourish. Source - Social [...]

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An Overview of Reddit’s Potential for Brands (Infographic)

The front page of the internet, Reddit, has been trying to maximize community engagement and boost advertiser appeal by cleaning itself up recently. Fortunately, these efforts have seen a positive ROI, as the company reported that it averaged 52 million daily active users in October 2020. When it comes to social media marketing, Reddit isn't the [...]

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Google Search Console Performance Report Image Impression Change

Google's algorithm for reporting on image search impressions within the Google Search Console performance report was updated on April 6, 2021. The update that was made isn't a result of any ranking algorithm updates, but just a reporting change, and that is it. According to Google, the update is specific to “image impressions when type=image [...]

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