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Google Drops Mobile App Properties From GSC, Reminds Site Owners To Remove G+ Integrations

Google sent out notification to webmasters this week through Google Search Console, telling them that the mobile app properties and Google+ web integrations will no longer be supported. Google added the ability to include your mobile apps in 2015 in Google Search Console.  Beginning in 2017, Google began moving this functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase.  As expected, mobile app property [...]

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Google Enables ‘Join Waitlist’ For Restaurants

A "join waitlist" button has been added by Google to selected local restaurant profiles pages. Canadian SEO Sergey Alakov spotted the new functionality, which is provided by DineTime.  In order for the restaurant to participate, they must have a DineTime account. You'll find the button in the same location as "reserve a table."  It isn't clear if there [...]

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EU Copyright Directive Poised To Become Law, Includes Licensing Fees For Search Engines

The European Union's debated Copyright Directive is ready to become law.  There has been an agreement on the final language of the Directive, and all that is required now is the formal European Parliament and member-state approval, which is expected to happen. The idea behind the Directive is that it will govern copyright rules across Europe.  It [...]

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Reddit App Install Ads Are, Here Along With New 3rd Party Attribution Options, More Tracking Capabilities

On Wednesday, Reddit announced that its cost per click (CPC) ads now include an App Install campaign objective.  Seven new attribution reporting providers has also been added to its list of available third-party integrations, along with updated tracking capabilities for its Conversion Pixel. Since introducing CPC ads less than a month ago, the ad product will now include [...]

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Business Owners Can Now Reply To Reviews On Google Maps Desktop

Kara Jancourtz, a community manager from the Google My Business team, made an announcement in the Google support forums saying that, if you're a business owner with a verified Google My Business listing, you can now reply to reviews left about your business directly in Google Maps on desktop.  No longer do business owners have to use [...]

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Google Tests Ads In Assistant Results

It seems that Google is testing the delivery of ads in Google Assistant results.  Gennaro Cuofano, who performed a search on an Android phone, shared a screen shot that shows an ad for an Executive MBA program in Italy.  On Twitter, he added that the organic results were below the fold and, “The answer on the voice [...]

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What Is Slowing Down Your Website

Website loading Speed is one of the most important aspects of web businesses these days. Slow websites suffer search ranking penalties, a decrease in traffic, and worse conversion rates. Unfortunately, a lot of website owners do not focus on speed as much as they should. It is mostly due to lack of knowledge on what [...]

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IAB Names Direct-To-Consumer Brand To Board Seat For First Time

In announced made on Sunday at its annual leadership meeting for the first time ever, a brand leader will be sitting on the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) board of directors. Jesse Horwitz, co-founder and co-CEO of contact lens subscription company Hubble, is the first representative of a brand to be elected to the board. Previously, the [...]

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Back to basics: What Does ‘Long-Tail’ Keyword Really Mean?

Are you the one responsible for overseeing the SEO strategy at your company?  If so, more than likely, you're evaluating keywords to determining which ones you should be focusing on.  But even professionals often mistake long-tail keywords as defined by the number of words that are used in a search query. Technically, this thinking is [...]

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