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Google Partners Changes Now Push Incentives at Expense of Customers

In this SEJ digital marketing news video, Google shows no love for agencies with new Partner Program requirements, Pinterest takes the lead for fastest growing social platform, Google has yet to confirm or deny a weekend search ranking update, Microsoft has a new function for advertisers IF they want to customize text ads, Google buries [...]

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Microsoft Office Hits Pause On Forcing Bing Search In Chrome, Firefox

Recently, Microsoft announced an "extension" as part of an update to its Office 365 ProPlus software that automatically forces company-wide Chrome and Firefox search engine defaults to Bing search, from what is, more than likely, Google. Because of the expected backlash, Microsoft reversed, at least at bit. The extension will automatically seek out installations of [...]

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How to Outsmart Your Competitors & Win MarketShare Using Location Data

Location-based ads accounted for $26.5 billion in media spend last year, a figure that’s expected to grow more than 40% by 2022. While location-based marketing is widely practiced, understanding and effectively using location-based audiences remains a challenge for small to mid-sized agencies and brands. Digital marketers are faced with a myriad of tools, jargon, and [...]

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Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History

An update to Google Ads is going to make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance. From this point onward, advertisers will have the ability to view campaign changes annotated in their performance charts. Before, it wasn't as easy to review change histsory alongside reporting data. But with this update, the data [...]

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California Takes On The Internet (Again) With Bill Aimed At Food-Delivery Abuses

Back in 2019, order online buttons were added to Google My Business (GMB) restaurant profiles and knowledge panels through partnerships with Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates,, among others. These additions to GMB was apart of its evolution, which went from a static directory to a increasingly “transactional” platform. For consumers, this was meant to be convenient, [...]

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Tech Stack Discovery and Platform Consultancy

Gabriel Marguglio, CEO of Nextiny Marketing, joins HubSpot to discuss how he was able to maximize the opportunity around technology consultation. Learn how to embrace software, platform capabilities and become a platform consultancy agency.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Adds Features To Streamline Workflows

On February 12, LinkedIn rolled out a number of features for Sales Navigator, which will make it easier to add leads from sales prospects to Salesforce, share content within a Sales Navigator account, get alerts when a company account shows signs of growth, and more. Users of Salesforce can now add contacts to their Salesforce [...]

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Sales Strategy: How to Create a Sales Playbook

Your sales process should be the foundation of everything your sales organization does. Learn how to create a sales process that's robust enough to power your sales team's long-term growth. The full course features industry experts - CEOs and Harvard Business School professors - who will explain the buyer's journey and successful practices from many [...]

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