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Investigating Traffic Upticks

Have you begun noticing a sudden change in traffic on one of your webpages? Moz's Learning Team Manager, Jo Cameron, walks us through this journey, including how to determine where traffic is coming from and what you should do with the increase in traffic.

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Social Media Size Guide Update 2021 (Infographic)

With the advent of things like social media, it seems that our average attention span has gotten shorter the more we use it. These days, it can be really easy to get somebody's attention, but it's just as easy to lose it again. This is why having a really cool visual can mean the world [...]

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Facebook Updates Ads Manager For SMBs

Recently, Facebook launched its “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found” initiative, which is meant to help SMBs personalize ads. The goal behind this initiative is help make social media marketing more accessible to local business owners, mainly due to the pandemic. The updates that this initiative has for SMBs includes: A simplified Ads Manager so [...]

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Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor

Out of all the things that are considered a Google ranking factor, Google Posts are not one of them. Even then, they can be a great resource for increasing local business conversions. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Greg Gifford shows us how to put our best post out there.

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Strong Commerce For Social Commerce And Digital Shopping

Before the COVID pandemic hit in early 2020, we were all able to go out and partake in shopping in brick and mortar stores without a care in the world, but now, almost a year after the start of the pandemic, it's clear that we have accelerated the transition to e-commerce by years, all thanks [...]

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Google Will Deprecate Showcase Shopping Ads April 1

As of April 1, Google will be moving Showcase Shopping Ads to product Shopping ad groups. As part of the change, any Showcase ads and ad groups that you had will be removed, although users will still be able to access their performance data. Read more here.

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Google Search Might Be Displaying Featured Snippets Less Often

We've gotten used to seeing plenty of snippets displayed in Google's search results for a while now, but it seems that those snippets aren't showing quite as often as they used to. Several different SERP tracking tools have noticed that Google isn't showing featured snippets as often as they used to. The tools track a [...]

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Are Consumers Receptive To Texts From Brands?

According to Text messaging solution Attentive, who released a new survey that looked at how consumer messaging behavior changed, it seems that the answer is yes, more than you think. Because of the downtime consumers have been going through, thanks to the pandemic, it seems that there has been a larger demand for brand messaging overall. [...]

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