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How Successful Companies Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins

If you want to boost your web presence and achieve online success, combining your SEO and content marketing strategies is a must. Join ScribbleLive’s Christopher Hart and Christoph Trappe in this sponsored webinar as they talk about how you can break down organizational silos and align SEO and content teams to ensure maximum impact.

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Four Ways To Fix The Social Data Disconnect

For a while now, for the last 15 years in fact, we've been using social data wrong.  We tend to think that since social marketing programs create lots of social data, social programs and social data should fit together.  The fact is, they don't. Social data doesn’t prove social success. And yet most marketers use engagement [...]

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3 AdWords Features You’re Probably Underutilizing

One of the great things about AdWords is that everybody has their favorite ways to utilize it.  Everybody has their own favorite report and feature, and they have their own personal preferences for how they like to build and manage their campaigns. But, that means that they're also prone to getting stuck in their own [...]

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Adobe Launches Commerce-Based Microservices Across Its Clouds

This week, Adobe announced a variety of new Experience Cloud features, including the introduction of commerce-based, accessible microservices. Errol Denger, director of Commerce Program said that these 20 microservices are flexible, portable programs offering such functions as shopping cart, wish list and inventory query.  Adobe, according to Denger, is the first provider of marketing-focused clouds to offer [...]

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YouTube Sets Stricter Rules On Videos That Can Carry Ads

Google has announced significant new changes to how it will monetize content on YouTube. This is coming after a series of updates the company implemented in response to repeated backlash from advertisers over the last year. Paul Muret, VP of display, video and analytics acknowledged in a blog post on Wednesday “2017 was a difficult year, with several issues [...]

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Bizarre Review Schema Implementation Spotlights Gaps Between Google’s Guidelines & How Rich Results Really Work

Review snippets, in which review stars appear next to your SERP listing, have been something SEOs have coveted in terms of rich results.  But because many have pursued these review snippets quite heavily over the years, it has lead to a lot of abuse.  Both SEOs and webmasters would try gaining the rich results by implementing [...]

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Great Content Aligns Your Brand and Prospects: Here’s Why

A fortune teller looks for meaning in the alignment of the planets, but if you're a content marketer, it's more important to you that there's alignment of your content between your business goals and the needs of your prospects. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple's Mark Traphagen [...]

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IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenDirect 2.0 And OpenData 1.0

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech lab is out with two new specs: Version 2.0 of its OpenDirect spec for automated guaranteed buying and selling The first OpenData spec for reporting campaign performance metrics OpenDirect offers standards for ad transactions directly between a publisher and an advertiser.  With IAB's OpenRTB providing the transactional protocol for real-time bidding, OpenDirect will [...]

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrates With Instagram, Adds Other Enhancements

At the National Retail Federation Show (NRF) in New York City, Salesforce has announced a number of new features for its Commercial Cloud e-commerce platform. For the first time, Instagram is now integrated with Commerce Cloud.  This allows retailers to create shoppable posts directly in Commerce Cloud — where they are already managing their commerce sites — [...]

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