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Quora Adds 3 New Targeting Options For Advertisers

Recently, Quora has added additional target options for advertisers on the Q&A platform. The first is keyword history targeting, and is a blend of the existing keyword targeting and question retargeting options on Quora. You will be able to reach people who have shown an interest in subjects related to your business based on the keywords being used. [...]

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How to Use Snapchat for Business

Unlike the polished Instagram feeds you’re used to seeing brands curate, Snapchat highlights candid moments that connect users with the people behind your brand. Since photos only last for a short amount of time, there’s no pressure to make a lasting masterpiece that’ll forever appear on your account. Plus, there’s no fancy equipment -- just [...]

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Bing Launches Content Submission Pilot

A new content submission pilot has been launched by Bing that allows publishers to not only submit URLs to the search engine, but even submit its full content and images. By submitting the full content to the search engine, Bing can see your content without having to crawl the content first. This is a limited [...]

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How to Design Logos

If you're creating a logo for your company, you're in a unique position to make a powerful impact on how consumers perceive your brand. But how do you even begin designing a professional logo? In this video, HubSpot brokes down how to design logos into nine simple steps that will help you create a memorable [...]

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Email Deliverability Platform 250ok Adds Google Postmaster Tools Integration

Email analytics and delivery platform, 250ok, has integrated Google Postmaster Tools data into its solution. It is able to pull in Google Postmaster data from Gmail across multiple IP addresses and sending domains for deliverability analysis via an API. Google Postmaster Tools, launched in 2015, is a resource for high volume senders to analyze email performance and [...]

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