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How Uber Mastered Dynamic Pricing

Regarding their pricing model, companies like Uber and Airbnb have been utilizing one of the most popular strategies out there - dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing, also known as surge pricing or demand pricing, is a pricing strategy where prices fluctuate based on market and customer demand. Learn how Uber uses dynamic pricing to produce profit [...]

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Are Your Sites Ready For Google’s Web Vitals Next Month?

For those who have lived under a rock and haven't heard of Core Web Vitals yet, we got you. With Core Web Vitals, it is a set of metrics meant to measure the loading, interactivity and visual stability of a website. These three things are very important to people who visit any website, but it [...]

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Advertisers Are Able To Bring Customer Segments Into Microsoft Advertising Via A New Integration

During the Microsoft Business Applications Summit on May 4, Microsoft announced that a new integration between Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s customer data platform, and Microsoft Advertising is now available. With this integration, advertisers are able to use their customer segments they have from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to reach Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network users [...]

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Apple iOS 14.5 Privacy Controversy

Apple's iOS 14.5 has been out a little while now to a lot of controversy. Although 14.5 has a slew of new features, the controversy behind this version of iOS is Apple's Tracking Transparency (ATT) which requires apps to get the permission of every user before it is allowed to track their data across apps [...]

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WordPress SEO & Site Migrations

In this Search Engine Journal video, Loren Baker and Arsen Rabinovich, Founder & Managing Partner at TopHatRank, discusses WordPress SEO, often overlooked SEO issues, site migrations, and more!

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Is More Content Really Not Better For Google Rankings?

Case studies are important to businesses and a variety of industries. They all us to generate new ideas. They are niche-specific, they position your brand as authoritative, provide social proof and can help explain how problems are solved. Sterling Sky was able to work with a local personal injury lawyer who previous had 50 service [...]

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Instant Match Rates Are Available For Customer Match Lists In Google Ads

On April 29, Google announced that when advertisers upload a customer list, Google will show advertisers the estimated match rate, which is the percentage of that list Customer Match can use. According to the announcement: "When you upload your customer list you’ll get a match rate—this is the percentage of your customer list that is usable [...]

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