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What Was Learned When Google Deindexed Search Engine Land For A Day

Last Friday, Google had delisted Search Engine Land from its index and search results by accident.  In that situation, not a single page from from the site showed up in Google search. When Search Engine Land got a response from Google that morning, They were told that its “system misidentified the site as being hacked” and thus was [...]

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Google Shutting Down Allo, Where Google Assistant Made Its Debut

For years now, Google seems to have been struggling with its messaging strategy.  Ever since it launched back in 2005, Google had done several experiments and false starts since Google Talk first came out.  Add that to the list of two more of the newer initiatives, Hangouts and Allo, which are both being shuttered. Hangouts will [...]

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Advanced PPC: Advanced Analyses to Drive Remarketing Performance

Remarketing is a crucial part of every paid media strategy, whether it be a display remarketing, search remarketing, or paid social remarketing – audiences are a powerful weapon in a PPC manager’s arsenal. This session is designed to arm you with the analyses that you need in order to create powerful remarketing strategies with audiences [...]

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Email’s Humble Beginnings And The Birth Of Tracking Pixels

One of the oldest original marketing channels around is the email.  Back in 1972, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email as a test message to himself.  This email went from one computer to another one that sat right next to it at a Cambridge, Massachusetts lab.  But these days, email email is celebrating its 40th birthday. [...]

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DuckDuckGo Study Says Google Search Personalization Perpetuating ‘Filter Bubble’

A new study (via Wired) from DuckDuckGo, a rival of Google, charges that Google search personalization is contributing to "filter bubbles."  Disputes this, Google says that search personalization is mostly a myth. Filter bubbles in social media or search has been something of a controversy for a number of years now by Eli Pariser, who described it as how relevance [...]

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Bing Partner Program Shifting To Calendar-Year Qualifications

Bing Ads is making a change to how it determines status in its Bing Partner Program, shifting it to a calendar-year evaluation. The change is scheduled to take place in January 2019. The program consists of three tiers : Elite Select Partner as well as resellers, agencies and technology providers that meet certain spend and certification criteria. [...]

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Google Local Services Expands Beyond US Into Canada

This week, Google's lead generation program for small local service provider has finally made it's way past the U.S. Google Local Services are launching in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. The program is starting with three verticals: locksmiths plumbers HVAC service providers. According to Kim Spalding, global director of SMB Ads at Google, the markets appealed [...]

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