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Google Extends ‘Incognito Mode’ In Maps To iOS Users

Incognito mode is currently available on Google Maps for iOS users and bulk location history deletion in Timeline will be rolling out on Android next month, according to Google's announcement. Source: Google Being able to have more control over your privacy can give confidence and promote trust, which in the end, can help Google keep [...]

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BERT Is Rolling Out To Google Search In Over 70 Languages

According to an announced made by Google on Monday, BERT, the natural language processing algorithm is now coming over to 70 languages globally. BERT was originally applied to featured snippets in languages other than English. An example of a featured snippet for the query “Parking on a hill with no curb” before and after BERT is applied. [...]

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How To Reach Your Audience With Seth Godin

Watch Seth Godin, Founder of The altMBA and author of "This Is Marketing" explain how to reach your audience. In this video you’ll learn: how ideas spread, how to have practical empathy in your marketing in order to be an effective marketer, the role of ads in modern marketing, and the marketing promise. As marketers, [...]

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TikTok Admits To Taking The “Wrong Approach” To Combat Cyberbullying

TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, admitted to censoring posts from users it identified as disabled, fat or LGBTQ+ as a way to mitigate cyberbullying. This information was made public by, who talked to a source inside the company and obtained private documents from TikTok. According to the findings, the company applied automatic restrictions to [...]

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TripAdvisor Buys SinglePlatform To Enhance Services For Restaurants

On December 5, SinglePlatform, a platform that syndicates restaurant menus to various search and directory sites online, and is positioned as a listings management company, was sold to TripAdvisor by Endurance International Group, which acquired ConstantContact for just over $1 billion in 2015 This deal is great for TripAdviser, who has been expanding its restaurant services and [...]

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Google Search Console Messages Can Now Be Viewed Without Leaving Reports

On December 4, Google announced that messages within Google Search Console are currently accessible through the bell icon at the top of any within Search Console. Now, the interface allows site owners the ability to view messages from anywhere within the tool without having to leave reports. Source: Google Retrieving your messages anywhere in the [...]

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The Local Algorithm: Relevance, Proximity, and Prominence

So, how does Google choose what goes into the local pack on the search results page? Well, there's some logic behind the order. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Mary Bowling lays out the three factors that drive Google's local algorithm and local rankings in a simple and concise way that we will be able [...]

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Defining Your Employee Onboarding Process

Alison Leishman, cofounder of Spitfire Inbound, joins the show to talk about her team’s onboarding process. She teaches us about why defining and documenting a process is so important, how she customizes onboarding tracks by role and function, and how she ties a defined onboarding process to happy clients and positive results.

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