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Recovering After Losing 50% of Revenue in 30 Days

Tyler Pigott, Principal of Lone Fir Creative, joins Hubspot to talk about a major agency recovery he lost 50% of the agency’s revenue in a 30 day period. They talk about sticking to a sales process, consolidating tool investments, building the right team, in other lessons learned in saving the agency.

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Microsoft Advertising To Deprecate Average Position After All

After Google Ads said that it would be sunsetting average position, Microsoft Advertising came out with impression share reporting metrics but said it would continue showing average position as well. On January 15, Microsoft Advertising announced that it would deprecate average position beginning in April. The company introduced the slate of position metrics, which Microsoft is calling them [...]

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John Morabito On Uncovering Opportunities In Branded Search

John Morabito, the Director of SEO at Stella Rising, and Barry Schwartz hung out at John's New York City office to talk about branded search. There are a lot of opportunities for success in search by looking at branded search, such as brand names, product names, and other uses of your names with various keywords. According [...]

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Brightcove Launches All-In-One Video Campaign App

Cloud solution for managing and monetizing video content, Brightcove, has released Brightcove Campaign, a video campaign app that allows marketers to create, manage and analyze their video demand generation campaigns in an all in one tool. This solution includes analytics and benchmarks that let marketers compare their campaigns to industry standard. It provides optimization tips, [...]

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Google Chrome: Third-Party Cookies Will Be Gone By 2022

Because of the increased rejection by major browsers, third-party cookies have been living on borrowed time. On January 14th, Google announced support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser would be phased out “within two years.” Google wants to replace them with a browser-based mechanism as part of its "Privacy Sandbox" initiative, which was introduced last August. [...]

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Lead Generation: The Importance of Lead Nurturing

Meaningful relationships increase the potential for sales, which means more revenue in your pipeline. The purpose of a lead generation & nurture strategy is to help your company create meaningful relationships with people at any point in their journey with you. Understanding the fundamentals of lead nurturing will help you build long-lasting relationships with your [...]

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Facebook Adds New Features To Instant Articles, Twitter Tolls Out A New Research Data Hub

Facebook Instant Articles.  Recently, Facebook rolled out updates to Instant Articles for publishers, which includes a new recirculation and navigation surface, smarter CTA and ad placements, as well as support for Facebook Stories. Instant Articles opened up to publishers in 2016 and allowed content to load quickly and be monetized within Facebook. The company said Instant [...]

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Twitter Gets Rid Of Its Audience Insights Tab, Facebook Reminds API Advertisers Of Special Ad Category

Say goodbye to Twitter's Audience Insights It has been confirmed by Twitter that it is going to be removing the Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics at the end of January. Audience Insights first launched in 2015 and was meant to give users a more in-depth data about their followers, including demographic profiles, purchase behavior insights, [...]

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LinkedIn User Rate To Grow Faster Than Expected Through 2023

According to a report from research firm eMarketer, LinkedIn is growing faster than expected. The number of monthly US adult users in 2019 increased by 8.8% year over year, which is up from eMarketer’s previous estimate of just over 7%. These numbers are from an updated membership data from parent-company Microsoft and other sources. Although there was a [...]

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Career Development Personal Disruption Framework

Companies don't disrupt: people do, according to Whitney Johnson. Recognized as one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world (Thinkers50), Whitney Johnson is an expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption; specifically, a framework which she codifies in the critically-acclaimed book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and Everyone [...]

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