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Using Ads to Grow Locally

The Hubspot folks sat down with Danielle Stoffels and Jacob Mader to learn how local businesses use search advertising to generate leads. Learn more:

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Generating Local Content at Scale – Whiteboard Friday

Building local pages can be an arduous task. It's difficult trying to get the right mix of on-topic content, expertise, location, and the temptation to take shortcuts has been tempered but the fact that good, content is impossible to scale. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Russ Jones tells us about his favorite white-hate technique [...]

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Businesses Should Limit, Not Disable, Their Sites During Temporary Closures, Google Says

Due to the ongoing pandemic that is coronavirus, businesses continue feeling the fallout, while there are some that are forced to temporarily shut down. In order to help businesses owners preserve their visibility in Google Search, Google published recommendations on how to properly limit your site’s functionality if you need to pause operations. If you disable your [...]

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Navigating Your Critical Scale Points

Bob and Verity Dearsley, the Chief Executive and Managing Director of B2B Marketing Lab, talk about scale points: the times where you must invest, revamp, or pivot to properly scale your growing agency. Learn how to focus on the customer, invest in marketing, build an HR arm, and more.

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Google Turns On ‘Mark A Business Temporarily Closed’ For Business Owners On GMB

Google recently announced that both Google Search and Maps will begin displaying if a business is temporarily closed in response to the coronavirus crisis. This was following a directive to local businesses to update hours and other relevant content in Google My Business. Any query that's related to "opening hours" have been trending up as everyone is tyring [...]

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Google Podcasts Gets A Redesign And iOS Rollout

On March 25, Google announced that the Google Podcast app has become available for iOS devices. Another part of the announcement includes the web version of the app now supporting subscriptions. The app has also been reorganized with a tabbed user interface that includes an Explore section where users are shown new show and episode recommendations [...]

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How to Put a Social Media Crisis Communication Plan in Place

In this video, you’ll learn about the world of crisis communications and how social media plays a significant role in this specialized area of communications and marketing. What is a crisis? Crises have been defined as events that either cause harm or the potential for harm to an individual or organization. Whether the harm produces [...]

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Hamlet Batista On Scaling And Automating SEO With Code

Barry Schwartz and and Hamlet Batista, the CEO of RankSense, sat own and chatted about using technology to help automate, scale and streamline your daily work. During their conversation, the two talked about how to scale your SEO through technologies. It can help you take on more SEO work, while automating some of the repetitive [...]

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