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Cybersecurity Threats Every Business Should Know in 2021

The continued advancement of today’s technology provides endless benefits to modern day living. The increased functionality, efficiency and connectivity we gain thanks to technology serves us both personally and in business. But for all the benefits of modern day tech, the threat of cyber criminals seeking to take advantage of its vulnerabilities continues to persist.   [...]

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11 Important Parts of SEO You Should Be Getting Right

SEO can be a fickle thing sometimes. You want to make sure you have all the right elements done right in order to be successful with your SEO strategies. But what are these elements? Realistically, there are too many to count, but it’s a good idea to first focus on the important ones. You want [...]

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Google Ads API version 7.0 Gets Released

A new version of the Google Ads API has been released by Google recently, and is an upgrade from version 6.1.0, which has only been around since April 10 of 2021. With Google Ads API version 7.0, a lot of changes of been made, all of which can be found in the release notes. The highlights of 7.0 [...]

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Google Lets Users Report Indexing Issues With Your Site

Google has added a new feature to report and indexing issue to their search team. The feature is meant for users who need more support with with indexing issues outside Google's community forums and support documentation. According to Google, it is “piloting this in the US only and it should be fully available to all [...]

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Moving from Consultant to In-House SEO

Loren Baker interviews Melissa Fach about her move from being an SEO consultant and search industry content editor to going in-house to manage enterprise SEO content at Cox Automotive.

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Is Remarketing Dead? And Other Questions On The SEJ Podcast

Here is a simple question that I'm sure can cause a debate amongst different SEO professionals - Is remarketing dead, or is it still alive and well? For those who somehow aren't in the know, remarketing is "the process of using a javascript tag (known as a pixel) to place a cookie in the user’s [...]

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Plans For New Revenue Tools Are Laid Out For Instagram Creators, And Improved Brand Promotional Offerings

It seems that Instagram is coming out with a suite of brand new tools that will help influencers make money while using the platform. These new tools include creators shops, affiliate commerce and a "branded content marketplace" meant to connect users and brands. The Creator Shops are going to be similar to the Instagram and Facebook [...]

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