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Google Ads Testing Custom Dimensions To Enable Reporting Based On Your Business Structure

If you are managing large or complex accounts or have extensive campaign naming taxonomies, Google Ads custom dimensions might be able to help simplify your reporting efforts and campaign naming systems. Don't confuse this with custom dimensions in Google Analytics. Custom dimensions in Google Ads lets users append annotations to your campaigns in order to [...]

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Google January 2020 Core Update Rolling Out Later Today

On the morning of January 13, Google announced on the @SearchLiaison Twitter handle that it is rolling out the first core update of 2020. Generally, Google will roll out these algorithmic updates every few months or so. Google said “Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called [...]

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Intro to Python – Whiteboard Friday

Python is a programming language that can help uncover incredible SEO insights, saving you time by automating time-consuming tasks. For those who haven't really done much exploring this side of search, it can be intimidating. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller offers an intro into a helpful tool that is worth your time [...]

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Conductor Launches SEO Services Marketplace For Searchlight Users

Conductor, an SEO technology firm, has released a new market place in its Searchlight platform. Corporate and agency customers are able to request managed services directly within the platform interface. Conductor's goal is to help alleviate some work for SEOs and make SEO tasks more accessible for markters juggling SEO as just one of the [...]

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Rolling Out a Full Agency Rebrand

After speaking with and getting to know a number of agency owners, it's become clear that there's a very specific type of education they all want. They want to learn how to scale their agency. It seems the greatest need of agency owners comes with the pains of starting, running, and growing a business. They [...]

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Mailchimp Claims Over 60% Share Of Email Industry In Latest Report

The first annual report has been released by Mailchimp since 2016, and it highlights a number of key milestones for the email platform turned all-in-one marketing platform. According to the company, it is claiming a 60.51% share of the email industry, supporting over 12 million customers. Mailchimp's closest competitor controls just 9.52%. Mailchimp, along other email [...]

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Spotify Podcast Ads Can Now Track Impressions, Reach And Audience Data

A new suite of marketing tools for podcast advertisers have been released by Spotify, which now makes it possible to view impressions, frequency, reach and audience demographic information for the ads. The announcement came out on January 8. The metrics tools are supported by Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), Spotify's new podcast ad technology, and utilizes [...]

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