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Twitter Releases The First Stage Of Testing For The New Tweetdeck

If you are using TweetDeck for either personal use or for business related purposes, you might want to take a look at this bit of news. Twitter has launched a live test of the new look for TweetDeck, which includes: A full Tweet ComposerUpdated search featuresNew column typesNew ways to group your columns into "Decks" [...]

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Social Media News & How It Affects Your Business

How do you keep your business ahead of your competitors? The answer - stay on top of social media news. LYFE Marketing is going over some of the latest social media updates, their tips for optimizing your social media marketing, & what these mean for small businesses in 2021!

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Can Your Site Outrank a Larger And More Popular Site?

If there's a formula to SEO, can you utilize it to increase your rankings? Of course you could! But the big question is, what is this formula? How can you use it to outrank the bigger and more popular competition? All it takes is great content, an optimized website, a user experience others could die [...]

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You’ll Get No SEO Advantage With Dedicated Hosting Says Google

If you're considering using dedicated hosting to get some kind of advantage in your SEO efforts, you might as well vanquish the thought, because according to Google's John Mueller, dedicated web hosting doesn't have any kind of advantage over shared hosting. Not only do you not get any really advantage with dedicated hosting, you'll end [...]

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Understanding User Behavior With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online analytics service that helps its users track and report on their website traffic. With the tool, you can utilize a number of insights that will help you understand visiting your site every month, allowing you to customize your marketing plan to help you optimize customer and client retainment. But what [...]

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AMP Labels Gone For Google Mobile Search Results

It honestly feels weird to say that Google's AMP has been around for five years already, and since its release, the search engine utilized the AMP label in search results, but it appears that the label is finally going away. The AMP label for AMP pages will no longer be shown in the mobile search [...]

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The Role of Creativity in Digital Marketing

Creativity has always been an important part of marketing success. In digital marketing, creativity will help you craft a better marketing strategy, since it shows you what encourages customer engagement. Being able to engage customers and clients are much more important than slapping colorful graphics to your website. But what is the real impact of [...]

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