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Prepare To Say Goodbye To Facebook Ad Set Budgets

On Wednesday , Facebook announced that, beginning in September, new and existing campaigns will be migrated to Facebook's automated campaign budget allocation system.  This system will optimize the campaign budget across an advertiser's ad sets.  The end result means that Facebook advertisers won't be able to define budgets at the ad set level any more. Currently, [...]

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Moz Upgrades Controversial ‘Domain Authority’ Metric

Moz has announced that they have upgraded and improved how they measure their internal metric that they call "domain authority," which is a score given by Moz that estimates how vaulable a domain is in terms of how it ranks in Google or other search engines.  According to Moz, the upgrade is meant to create a more [...]

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Google My Business Supports Hotel Check-In And Check-Out Times

Google announced in its help forums that hotel operators are now able to enter their check-in and check-out times directly into Google My Business.  Once this information has been entered, Google My Business will display that information to searchers looking for more information about these times. According to Kara from the Google My Business team, she said, “We’re [...]

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YouTube Lets Some Advertisers Buy Masthead Ads On CPM Basis

YouTube is now testing a new way for advertisers to purchase masthead ads.  On Tuesday, the company said that it is experimenting with allowing advertisers to purchase the ads displayed at the top of its home feed through a cost per thousand (CPM) buying model, rather than the standard cost per day by country purchasing terms. [...]

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You Too Can Earn Valuable Featured Snippets: Here’s Why

Google featured snippets boost your page above all the search results for a query, and they can drive significant traffic to your site. The good news: there are concrete steps you can take to make your content more likely to earn a featured snippet. In this episode of the popular Here's Why digital marketing video [...]

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Google Is Partnering With WordPress To Develop A News Publishing Platform

In order to develop a low-cost system specifically designed to publish local news, Google is partnering with Automattic/WordPress. Google stated in an announcement that it invested 1.2 million into creating the Newspack platform. The development on Newspack will begin in the coming weeks.  The finished product will become available to publishers worldwide later this year. Newspack is being [...]

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Learn How To Manage Product Unavailability Without Hurting Your SEO

One of the problems that happens with online shops is the unavailability of products, which can be a huge problem for these businesses.  From a report prepared by Daniel Corsten and Thomas Gruen, we discover that the research conducted across seven different countries brings to light that every fifth product offered online is unavailable.  This means that [...]

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