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Pinterest Ads: From Setup to Success with Akvile DeFazio

New to Pinterest Ads? Learn how to easily get started and effectively utilize this lucrative advertising channel to reach your business goals. Whether you work in B2B or B2C, there are plenty of opportunities for both. Explore the various campaign options, targeting features, and strategies that can bring you successful results.

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Google Search Console Adds Discover Report

In a recent announcement made by Google, a new report has been added to help publishers learn more about how searchers are finding their site through the Google Discover feature. The company said it is “adding a new report in Google Search Console to share relevant statistics” regarding Google discover. For those unfamiliar with Google Discover, [...]

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What Is Your Content Marketing Research Process?

How do you decide what content to be writing about and how do you transform a chosen topic into the type of content that is likely to resonate with your target audience? On this episode of SEMrush's Scoop, they dive into best practice for content marketing research, including looking at the tools to use, how [...]

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How You Can Make The Most Of Your YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube videos are a great part of marketing for you business, and if you aren't already using the platform, you should really consider it. Researchers have found that a majority of consumers (81 percent) have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. The latest  State of Video Marketing Survey found that a [...]

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LinkedIn Gives SEO Tips for Boosting Visibility of Company Pages

A series of SEO tips for getting company pages found in search engines has been published by LinkedIn. So, if your LinkedIn page hasn't been ranking well, you may want to think about using these suggestions to boost its viability. Keywords According to LinkedIn, it's a good idea to start using keyword research and incorporating [...]

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How to Find Blog Topics Your Audience REALLY Cares About

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is producing content their audience actually wants to read. What questions are your prospects and customers searching for online that you should be addressing? How can you become the most trusted source of information within your industry? It all comes down to solving the problems your customers have [...]

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Twitter Fights Spammers by Limiting the Number of Accounts Users Can Follow Per Day

Twitter, in an effort to fight spammers, is reducing the amount of accounts users are able to follow everyday. The original limit was 1,000 account follow per day, but from this point onward, the limit has been reduced to 400 a day. Going from 1,000 follows to just 400 is quite a drop, but [...]

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