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URL Changes Aren’t Simple For Google Search

Recently, Google has released a video describing the SEO impact of making changes to the URL structure of your site. In the video, John Mueller of Google said that when you make changes to the URL structure of your website, search engines don't typically get updated instantly. He said that these changes are "not that [...]

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How Much Should I Charge? (Pricing Strategy)

Are you running your business and you're not totally sure what the right price is for the products and services that you provide? In this video by Adam Erhart, he'll show you how to price your products or services, what to think about when trying to come up with the perfect price. He even shares [...]

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Is Link Velocity A Ranking Factor?

When it comes to a majority of website owners, they probably assume that gaining a lot of links in a short amount of time is a great thing, especially if they're trying to get a lot of potential leads for their business. But in reality, it could end up having an opposite effect. It could [...]

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Google Search Console Launches Desktop Page Experience Report

Today, Google has launched a new page experience report for desktop in Google Search Console due to the the upcoming Google page experience update coming to desktop. Google wrote: “To support the upcoming rollout of page experience ranking to desktop, Search Console now has a dedicated desktop section in its Page Experience report to help site owners [...]

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How To Get Clients For Your Service Business

In this video Adam Erhart will show us how to get more clients for your service-based business, because if you don't have a stream of perfect fit clients, that could spell doom for your business. But if you try using traditionally marketing tactics to sell your services and get more clients, you will likely seed [...]

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10 Social Media Marketing Tools to Step Up Your Game

Social media marketing isn't always easy. Just when you think you have everything figured out, something new happens and it puts you back several steps, and you don't want to waste a lot of time and money getting back where you were. HubSpot shows you the 10 best social media marketing tools to help grow [...]

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