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When Should You Write Meta Descriptions?

As part of the contents of a web page, one of the things you will find in the source code is something called the meta description, one of a web page's meta tags. The purpose of this particular meta tag is to allow webmasters to briefly sketch out the content and quality of a web [...]

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6 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

If you're advertising on Facebook, you want to be sure you know about the common Facebook ad mistakes that small business owners make. In this video, LYFE Marketing will cover the top 6 Facebook ad mistakes, how to avoid Facebook ad mistakes, how to optimize your Facebook ad strategy, & more!

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Five Examples of Great Mobile Landing Pages

When you create a mobile landing page for your business, you want to be sure that it looks and performs its absolute best. If somebody visits that page and it just isn't very good for one or more reasons, chances are, those people will back out and look for a different business to do business [...]

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How Do You Set Up Offline Conversions in Google Ads?

With a number of different updates that have caused us to not be able to rely on "native" conversion tracking as a source of real data, such as Google's drive towards conversion modeling and iOS's 14.5 update to make conversion tracking optional for its users, how can we set up offline conversions tracking? This question [...]

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Microsoft Advertising Gives Search Marketers The Opportunity To Test Video Ads In SERPs with Video Extensions.

For a while now, visual and video ads are something that many advertisers have discovered are the best way to capture the attention of their audience. This is why Microsoft Advertising has globally launched Video Extensions in their latest announcement. If triggered, an image window will appear for searchers in the SERPs with the play [...]

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