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Community Pages Might Come To Twitter

Jan Manchun Wong has shared a tweet saying that Twitter is working on a community page, which are pages created by individuals. Currently, not much is known about Twitter's community page, but as George Nguyen said, it might let the social platform compete with Clubhouse. Source - Search Engine Land

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Proven Local Marketing Strategies to Drive Customer Experience & ROI

Businesses that flourish and succeed are usually the ones that provide the sort of products and services that consumers want. This means that these businesses must keep in constant communication with their consumer base so they know what kind of direction they should be heading in. These days, consumers desire more and more personalized and [...]

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7 Posting Tips to Help Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Did you know that you already have a personal brand? Yup! You do! But are you leveraging it in order to monetize your expertise or accelerate your success? On LinkedIn the content strategy you bring to the table has a big role in successfully building your personal brand. If this is the case, what does [...]

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How Do You Tell Stories With Data?

In the age of digital marketing, data is worth more than you know. Without the data you would collect from analytics, we wouldn't have anything to go off of, and any future marketing strategy would fail. Nancy Duarte, the CEO of Duarte Inc, said that "the findings [from the data], though, will stay buried without [...]

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Pinterest, Snap & TikTok Targeting & Ad Options

Posting your ads on Facebook can be a great opportunity to get more people to visit your website, but is Facebook all there is for ad opportunities? Of course not! There are so many ad placement opportunities you will have access to. In the following Search Engine Journal video, we will be shown about targeting [...]

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Soon, Twitter Spaces Will Be Accessible From Desktop PCs

Twitter is taking their new audio Spaces feature and picking up steam. There is currently development on a web version of Spaces that will let users join Spaces session through their desktop computers, and not just their phone or tablet apps. This could be a real bonus for broadcasters since they will have access [...]

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Facebook Is The New Clubhouse Competitor?

It seems that Alessandro Paluzzi has done snooping around the back end of Facebook's app and found something interesting - a possible Clubhouse competitor is on its way. Facebook did something similar before. Back in May, they launched a video room feature that's pretty much the same thing as what Clubhouse is doing. The only [...]

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