According to an announcement by TikTok, they have made some changes to the company’s default privacy settings for younger users. This is TikTok’s attempt to implement better systems in order to help protect the younger folks on the app.

A big change seen that will affect all accounts created by those who are between 13 and 15. Any account with that age bracket will be set to Private by default.

TikTok is also implementing new restrictions on comments, engagement and the downloading of videos created by younger users.

  • We’re tightening the options for commenting on videos created by those ages 13-15. These users can now choose between ‘Friends’ or ‘No One’ for their account; the ‘Everyone’ comment setting is being removed.
  • We’re changing Duet and Stitch settings to now make these features available on content created by users age 16 and over only. For users ages 16-17, the default setting for Duet and Stitch will now be set to Friends.
  • We’ll only allow downloads of videos that have been created by users 16 and over. Other users can decide whether they want to allow downloads of their videos, though for users ages 16-17 the default setting will now be changed to Off unless they decide to enable it.
  • The “Suggest your account to others” setting will be switched off by default for users ages 13-15.