TikTok has added photosensitivity warnings to video clips that have contrasting light and dark patterns in order to help anybody who might have epilepsy.

Here is what TikTok said on its blog:

“To be a truly inclusive platform we’re committed to making TikTok more accessible for everyone, and given the visual nature of our platform we’re beginning this work with a series of photosensitivity features. Over the past few months, our team met with epilepsy advocates who shared feedback on how we can improve our platform. Based on these conversations, we launched a feature a few months ago that warns creators when they produce videos with effects that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing another important accessibility feature to protect people from photosensitive content. With this new feature, viewers who come across a photosensitive video will receive a notification inviting them to “Skip All” future photosensitive videos.”

With these new warnings, users will be given the chance to skip any video that might cause a problem for them. Not only will it skip just that one problem video, you can avoid similar videos in the future.

TikTok said that they are working with a number of epilepsy organizations in several countries including the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and South Korea in order to “spread the word about the new feature and bring awareness to epilepsy in general.”

The organizations include:

  1. The Epilepsy Foundation
  2. Epilepsy Toronto
  3. Epilepsy Society
  4. Epilepsy Ireland
  5. Korea Bureau for Epilepsy 
  6. The Japan Epilepsy Association

Source – TikTok