Some marketing experts want you to believe it’s time to quit search engine optimization for good. They believe SEO belongs in a coffin because it’s dead and it’s time to be buried. Plus they’ll remind you search engine optimization isn’t free, so you’re paying good money for little to no results. At this point, it feels like everybody and their mother is trying to tell you there’s no reason to stick with SEO. They tell you it’s a dinosaur and it’s on its way to extinction.

They have a point in a way, because SEO is changing and many tactics being used five years ago are no longer valid. Certain black hat SEO schemes that used to work will tank your search engine rankings if you rely on them now. With all of these changes, on the surface it looks like SEO is a huge mistake. But smart marketers have had a change of heart, and realized you can be skeptical all you want, but some experts are changing their tune and seeing incredible results.

The evidence shows us SEO is on the upswing these days. It isn’t dying by any means. The facts can prove this to you and anyone else willing to look. Search engine optimization is going through a metamorphosis of sorts, so the experts have to change their strategies in order to harness this powerful traffic generation tool.

We’ll now take a look at 14 reasons why search engine optimization is still the way to go. It’s a phenomenal strategy for lead generation in 2017 and beyond.

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