Tips Every SEO Writer Needs To Know About Conversion Copy

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Conversion copy is an intentional data-driven method to write text that gets readers to take a particular action. With conversion copywriters write advertisements, web copy, email newsletter campaigns, and sales funnels. With this type of copywriting, business owners are able to obtain invaluable insight into their sales funnels and their customer personas.

Good SEO writing is all about writing with your audience in mind, where you can engage them, and ultimately entice them to convert.

According to Google, valuable content should solve people’s problems, so you need to make sure you write the kind of content that will entice site visitors to convert.

This is why the content you write should meet the users’ needs. If you want to write content that meets the needs of both your visitors and Google’s algorithms, Julia McCoy wrote a column where she describes 15 conversion copy times that will help you out!

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