Back in May, the option to create a Facebook and/or Instagram shop was announced, although it isn’t available yet. But when it does release, it’ll give sellers the ability to encourage direct purchases while users are using the either app.

This new shopping option could become something we all grow accustom to, even though it could take some time before it catches on. But when it does, it’ll help to know as much as you can about them before they finally hit.

Facebook has provided some additional guidance for setting up your Facebook/Instagram shop through the use of a video you can find below.

4 tips for creating a successful shop on Facebook and Instagram

Setting up a shop on Instagram and Facebook can help you reach online customers and plan ahead for the upcoming holiday season. Check out these 4 tips on how you can set up your business for success with Shops.How are you preparing your business for the holiday season?

Posted by Facebook for Business on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Social Media Today also put together an infographic about the keynotes as well, which can be found here.