Google is working on rolling out their new Google Ads interface.  This would be the second time Google said they’d roll out the update and this time, they mean it.  In her post on Marketing Land,  talks about some of her likes, dislikes and general experiences with the new Google Ads interface.

During her new experience with the new Google Ads interface, Elesseily gave herself the double the amount of time to complete her tasks.  For her, it took approximately 3 or 4 days to adjust to the new look of the interface.  After a week, she had become fairly adept and comfortable with the interface.

But with this new interface rolling out, Elesseily feels that it takes more time to pull data and complete tasks.  She felt that she had to click more and have to look in different places to get the information she needed.

Because of the change this new interface has made, Elesseily has created some tips for making your way threw the new Google Ads!

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