Tips For Being A Local Search Superhero

Local search marketing Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero as a child?  I’m sure we all have.  But as we grow older, we begin out growing those dreams of being Superman.  But, maybe the dream don’t necessarily have to end with childhood.  Now that you’re all grown up and working as an SEO, have you thought about being a local search SEO Superhero?

We all know that local search can be quite the challenge to overcome, just like the villains from the comics and cartoons of old.  But, if you arm yourself with a little knowledge, then maybe, just maybe, you can win the day by beating down local search and taking control.

A post entitled, Tips For Being A Local Search Superhero, written by Greg Gifford and posted on Moz is all about turning you into a superhero of local SEO.  In Greg’s post, there are three areas that seem to be a big deal to people…Google+ Photos, Google Authorship, and Customer Reviews.  Many of the questions asked of Greg seem to be focused on one of these three areas of concern.

Fortunately, Greg has the power to turn anybody into a superhero powerhouse of local search.  Are you up for the challenge?  Check out Greg’s post on Moz about local search superheros by checking out the following link: