CustomerRelationsWhat do you think is the toughest part of business is?  I’m sure everybody will tell me something different.  But one thing that makes it tough is the battle with customer lifecycle marketing.  For quite a while, just getting customers to come to your business was making online marketers’ head spin.  But now, according to a recent 2014 State of Marketing survey, more marketers feel that customer retention and re-engagement are a key focus.

The key factor is not re-engaging the customer, it’s HOW do you re-engage them.  There is a number of ways you can reach out and reconnect with customers that have come and gone.   has posted six tips on how to reconnect with those customers in an attempt to bring them back into the fold of the funnel.

To find out how to reconnect with customers, follow the link below to Joanna’s post on Marketing Land.

Column: Don’t Give Up On Past Customers, Re-Engage Them With These Tips