PPC and advertising concept in word tag cloudI’m not really sure what’s worse, starting a fresh, brand new PPC account from scratch, or having to take an account that’s been built out by somebody else and having to fix it up from what was they already did.  I think both both sides could have their own sets of pros and cons.

But in one scenario, the focus will be on dealing with an account that already exists.  There are things that you’ll need to think about and deal with when trying to absorb this new, pre-existing PPC account into your fold of other accounts.  In a column written by  on Search Engine Land, you’ll read how she dives into the areas you’ll need to investigate to make sure there isn’t anything that you’re missing during the transition stage.

To check Rebekah’s post, go to Search Engine Land, or follow the link I’ve provided below to go directly to her post.

Search Engine Land: Tips For A Successful PPC Account Takeover