inner-services-iconIn the age of technology, it seems that we as human beings tend to be a little more attention-challenged when compared to how we used to be 20 years ago.  What I mean by that is, with all the televisions, computers, and electronic devices we have, it seems pretty challenging to keep somebody’s attention for very long.

Sometimes, this is why using simple catchphrases can help get your point across easily, as well as quickly.  As  put it in his post entitled, 99 Zingers – Tips That Will Challenge Your Digital Marketing Beliefs, a single catchphrase is able to create a unique understanding and value when it is integrated correctly into a person’s day-to-day behavior.

This is why Eric has compiled a list of one-line zinger phrases that is meant to communicate key points about any given topic.  This can even be applied to SEO as well.  In his list, he not only has his own list of one-liners, but he’s also included others, by crowdsourcing them by using Google+.  each zinger is meant to help address myths and misconceptions about SEO and digital marketing.  The zingers can also help you focus more clearly on a specific aspect of it as well.

To check out Eric’s full list of 99 one-line zingers, click on the following link below: