Google Doodle Holiday 2015Do you remember doing papercraft models and cutouts when you were a kid?  Well, Google remembers, as today, December 23rd, their Doodle is the first 2015 holiday logo they’ve posted.  Created by Google Doodler, Robinson Wood, the Doodle links to a search for

[Tis the season!]

This might be the first Doodle that focuses on the holiday spirit, but this isn’t the first thing that Google has done that is Christmas-oriented.  Google launched the Santa Tracker feature earlier this month, as well as having holiday-themed decorations displayed for  [Hanukkah], [Christmas] and [Kwanzaa] searches.

There was even an automated Dreidel game from Google that let you play with a digital version of the Hanukkah spinning toy posted at the top of search results for [Play Dreidel].

Dreidel 2015

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