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Are you doing Remarketing, or just thinking about doing it?  Well, why not do it?  Ads usually work better if you aim them at the right people.  Because there are some retargeting strategies that are working better than others, we got some tips for you to get the most from your retargeting campaign!

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Getting Set Up: In order to push customers through the sales funnel, you want to make sure your Retargeting campaign is designed correctly.  You need clear benchmarks and understanding of retargeting to know if the campaign your running is working.  You’ll have to be sure that you place the correct metrics successfully at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.  If you want to know more about how to get started, you can check out this Search Engine Land FAQ to get started.

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Use Your Past Successes To Build Upon: Just like with other factors of SEO, once you know what works, you need to use this information to your advantage.  Use the best performing keywords from your SEM campaign.  After you’ve started up your search retargeting campaign, determine which keywords are leading to conversions.  After this, target the users that are performing similar searches with look-alike targeting.

Get To The Point:  It won’t matter how much retargeting you do if your creative isn’t at it’s peak.  Make sure your creative think tank includes a strong call to action, which will bring the user to a landing page that makes the conversion as straightforward and easy as possible.

Make the Most Of Your Money:  Retargeting campaigns can be quite a bargain.  To find out how much you can save on retargeting, compare the cost of top keywords on AdWords to the cost of the same exact keywords in a campaign using search retargeting.  You’ll notice that the price is quite different.

See The Light:  When you’re looking through your stats, don’t ignore your view-through conversions.  Studies have shown that click-through rates aren’t all that great when it comes to display campaigns.  In order to get down to the nitty gritty and understand the real value of your campaign, look at the view-through.  This measures the amount of people who arrive at your site after being exposed to one of the ads you’ve been running.

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All We Need Is Relevance:  All the retargeting in the world is only as strong as the data that is behind it.  You can use Programmatic Site Retargeting to employ as much data as possible.  This includes data from referral sites, keywords that help bring users to your site, and sites that users are traveling to once they bounce from your site.

No Stalking:  When you are pulling creative, you’ll need to make sure you have the right frequency cap to avoid annoying the customer.  You don’t want to give off the impression that you’re trying to chase the customer down with your creative.

Using Only One Vendor:  It’s a really smart strategy to using a single Site Retargeting vendor.  This will help avoid waste and data leakage.  By using multiple vendors, you will only be doing yourself harm.  The keywords you set up in each vendor can end up clashing with each other in ad exchanges.  This will end up causing your prices to go up, and you end up losing.

Methodical Is The Key:  One thing you want to be sure you take care of is placing your conversion and exclusion pixels on your confirmation pages.  What this means is if a customer has bought into a service you offer or a product of yours, it won’t make much sense to keep bombarding them with display ads, right?  Being equally obsessive about you’re A/B testing is a great idea, but because two ads appear similar doesn’t mean they’ll perform similarly.

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Use The Facebook Exchange Opportunity:  When you are running a retargeting campaign, it makes sense to test it on the Facebook Exchange (FBX).  By using FBX, early results have shown that the campaigns utilizing it have performed radiantly.  Keep in mind that FBX allows you to use 1st and 3rd party data.  With prices on the low side at this point, you won’t be losing much by using FBX.  There’s so much more to gain at this point.

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