video contentIn the online realm of video, there were some great sites for video consumption, and then there were these guys.  Here is some data on the top ten video related sites.

Last month, it looks like BuzzFeed was the leader in online video content, earning spots on ReelSEO’s top ten list of video creators in June.

Tubular Labs, who used video analytics from its parent company for the month of June of this year, the video marketing guide ranked the top ten most watched video creators across the big four social networks, YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

In this case, we’re talking about mostly original content created by brand.  ReelSEO reported that BuzzFeed’s combined video views, which includes its BuzzFeed Video content and BuzzFeed Food content, climbed to 1.226 billion back in June of 2015.

BuzzFeed Video took the top spot with 835 million views, which is nearly double the number of views as the second place video creator, Taylor Swift.  TaylorSwiftVevo videos got to 433 million views.

Here is ReelSEO’s top ten Cross-Platform video creators in June:

  1. BuzzFeed Video: 835M views/964K new followers
  2. TaylorSwiftVEVO: 433M views/2.6M new followers
  3. NBA: 431M views/2.6M new followers
  4. BuzzFeed Food: 391M views/1.4M new followers
  5. WWE: 389M views/1.4M new followers
  6. Little Baby Bum: 358M views/245K new followers
  7. FunToyzCollector: 356M views/200K new followers
  8. TheDiamondMineCraft: 328 views/464K new followers
  9. Netd Müzik: 319M views/144K new followers
  10. PewDiePie: 317M views/1.3M followers

Online engagement data was also analyzed for the creators by ReelSEO, and found that the NBA’s video engagement was higher than any of the other top tehn creators.  The NBA ‘s video activity peaked at 11.7% for June, while PewDiePie’s online gaming videos earned 4.9% engagment.  Over half of the other brands generated less than 3% engagement.

Check out ReelSEO’s full leaderboard here: Top Online Video Creators Across Social Platforms

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