Tubular Labs came out with their monthly top ten list of the most watched video creators for November, and it shows very little has changed when compared to their October rankings.  The top four creators included:

  2. The LADBible
  3. Viral Thread
  4. Tasty

Although these four remained in the lead, the entire top ten creators were the same, with just a few switch ups.

Met Daan, which ranked No. 9 last month, moved up to No. 5 in November, and Now This moved from No. 10 to No. 7.

World Star Hip Hop dropped to No. 9 and 5-Minute Crafts dropped to the bottom of the list.

Although the rankings change slightly, views were up.  UNILAD saw three million more views in November, which earned 3.4 billion for the month.  The LADBible was able to generate 5 million more with a total of 3.3 billion.  Viral Thread video views went up from 1.6 to 1.7 billion.

Tubular Labs  tracks total views for video creators and brands across a variety of video platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.  Tubular Labs says that the top 100 creators and brands have generated 61.9 billion views combined, which is an increase of 12 percent over October’s total video views.

Top 10 Video Creators In November 2016


The 10 top brand creators had more of a shake up when compared to the most watched video creators.

Red Bull kept its first place ranking, but Lego was knocked to No. 4, falling behind Instagram at No. 2, and PETA, a new addition to the list, at No. 3.

PETA wasn’t the only one debut brand to make the top ten.  John Lewis, a UK retailer, also make their first appearance at number 5 on the list.  The White House, another newcomer to the top ten appeared at number 7.

John Lewis made multiple video lists this month. The retailer’s holiday ad “#BustertheBoxer” helped the brand take the No. 2 spot on YouTube’s top ten ads in November and was ranked the No. 1 most shared ad of the year by Unruly.

Top 10 Brand Creators In November 2016

Red Bull TV, Walmart and LG USA didn’t make any appearance on November’s top ten brand creators list after ranking in October.

Tubular also ranks the top ten most watched creators by individual platforms. You can find a variety of top ten video rankings on their site, including: The Most Watched Facebook Video Publishers and The Top YouTube Creators.

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