youtube-iconsbkgd-1920-800x450During YouTube’s October ad leaderboard, Google and Microsoft took the lead, but the site saw a significant decline in total views for its most popular ads last month when compared to September.

In September, YouTube’s top ten ads generated a combined 75.1 million views, but last months most watched ads on the video site only brought in 47.6 million video views, which is almost a 45 percent drop.

Google’s ad stands at number one for it’s new Pixel phone, earning 11.2 million views, and Microsoft’s new Surface Studio product ad generated 8.5 million views.

Veteran YouTube ad leaderboard brand Clash Royale earned two seperate spots on the list – at No. 3 and No. 10, earning the company behind the video game, Supercell, 6.7 million total views.

Two political spots also made the list. The “Please Re-Elect Gerald” spot – which is an ad for an incumbent candidate running for County Commissioner in Travis County, Texas – went viral last month, earning the politician 3.4 million views. Another video from the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, highlighting “Moderator Fails” during the Presidential debates, ranked No. 8 with 1.7 million views.

YouTube says the top ten ads generated 65.3 million minutes – or 1.1 million hours – of watch time.

1. Google: Introducing Pixel (11.2M views)

2. Microsoft: Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio (8.5M views)

3. Clash Royale: Theme Song – Official TV Commercial (5.6M views)

4. Apple: The new MacBook Pro featuring Touch Bar (5M views)

5. GoPro: GoPro HERO5 + Karma – The launch in 4K (3.6M views)

6. Gerald Daugherty Campaign: Please Re-Elect Gerald (3.4M views)

7. BMW: The Escape (2.5M views)

8. Donald J. Trump for President: Moderator Fail (1.7M views)

9. Vitafusion w/ BuzzFeed: Indoor People Try Spending a Day Outside (1.5M views)

10. Clash Royale: The Prince (1.5M views)




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