How to Track the Online ROI of Offline Advertising

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Online-offline-cubes-300x190We all know that creating and pushing ads online are important.  With out it, companies who depend on their websites could be dead in the water.  But at this point, many would think that online is the way to go.  Although online advertising brings in the lion’s share of revenue, you shouldn’t count out offline advertising just yet.

When it comes to offline advertising, much of the value is actually online.  This value is normally attributed to the direct channel.  When you see an offline ad, the URL that is given usually takes you directly to their homepage.  What if the ad won’t give out a URL?  This means that one of the search channels will be receiving credit for the value created by the ad.  If you believe that there is nothing gained in offline ad marketing, you have to remember that even back in 2012, over 80% of ad-spend was actually spent offline.

If you’re doing offline advertising, but you’re not really sure how to track it, don’t worry about it.  Geoff Kenyon has got it covered.  Geoff has posted an article on Moz which will help you keep track of what ads are helping you and which of them isn’t.

Follow the link below to discover the full article on Moz and learn how to track offline ads:

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