In this episode of Friday 15, Whitney and Marvin show you step-by-step instructions for embedding a map of your location, uploading files and editing page names and descriptions on your website.

You can see other videos they’ve done by going to their Youtube channel.

Creating a Google map
-Search for your location on the map
-Click the “link” icon
-Copy the code in the box labeled “Paste HTML to embed in website”
-To change the size of your map, click “Customize and preview embedded map”

Adding the map to your site
-Open the web page where you’d like to add the map
-Paste the copied HTML script into your website code
-Save and publish your work
-Check your website to make sure it looks good

-Page names and descriptions-

Page names
-Specify the page name with the HTML title tag
-Include important keywords
-Limit page names to 70 characters
-Be accurate and avoid duplicates

Page descriptions
-Specify the page description with the HTML meta description tag
-Limit page descriptions to 150 characters
-Start with the most important information
-Be accurate and avoid duplicates

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