channelsWhen you’re looking through your analytics package, it can be pretty easy to focus on a site’s conversion rate.  After all, that’s an SEOs ultimate goal, right?  If you look at your channels and find that one of them is preforming poorly, such as Organic Search, Referral or Direct, you would consider that a failure.  At this point, you would make decisions on this, but that could be short-sighted and cost you money.

But, what  is proposing in his article, Treat Your Channels like a Soccer Team, you should consider thinking of your channels like a soccer team. There are many positions that each member of a team takes.  Each “member” of the team (in this case the channels) aren’t all going to be playing the same position.  Not every player (or channel) isn’t always able to score goals equally  You can’t expect that.

In Craig’s article, you’ll read about how to treat your channels like a soccer team, and how each will be treated differently.  To read Craig’s full article, follow the link below: