Triggit Expands Dynamic Retargeting Beyond Facebook To Native Ads Across The Web

Triggit Have you ever heard of Triggit?  If not, we’ll tell you who they are.  In a word, Triggit is the retargeting provider for Facebook.  Well, it looks like the Facebook’s provider of retargeting is branching out so that advertisers will have more scale and reach for the dynamic retargeting campaigns that have worked really well on Facebook.  Triggit is doing this by partnering with premium publishers, and this will allow them to bring dynamic retargeting to news feed-style ad formats across the web.

The partners that will be working with Triggit have not been named, but they have said that they are working with a number of large publishers, as well as ad exchanges.

What else could this mean for Facebook?  Because of this attempt at a larger scale operation, a new capability has opened the door to native ad inventory for dynamic retargeting on mobile devices.  At this point, Facebook has declined to make news feed inventory available on mobile through FBX, which is short for Facebook Exchange.

Mike Winters, who is the VP of Product, spoke about the technical requirements for advertisers.  He said that they mirror what’s already in place for Facebook, even though native units vary from publisher to publisher.

“Since we’re already running dynamic native retargeting on Facebook, the technical integration and campaign management will be identical to the advertiser, now giving them access to premium publisher news feeds across the web without any extra effort involved,” explained Winters.

The account teams of Triggit are handling technical integration, ad creation, as well as campaign optimization.

It seems that native ads are the best answer for publishers, as they are design to look similar to the editorial content surrounding them.  This seems to be the best choice, as banner ad performance is weakening.  “Banner blindness is real. We’re conditioned to ignore anything that isn’t a part of a site’s content. It was incredibly apparent we were on to something with native retargeting when we started with FBX News Feed ads.,” said Triggit CEO Zach Coelius in a statement.

Currently, the beta is open to testing partners, and any who are interested for consideration can contact Triggit.

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