4696338852_b95f5224cc_bSo, you’re in the online marketing business, and you’re going to be launching a PPC campaign.  As far as you can tell, everything is good to go, everything on your end is done and running smoothly.  You’ve finally published your campaigns and now you are just waiting to see what happens.

But what happens?  Nothing.  You look to see how many conversions you are getting, and you find that you aren’t getting any.  What gives?

After investigating the matter, you realize that you did everything you were supposed to.  The AdWords tracking code for conversions was given to the web developer, so you assumed they would install it correctly.  But in reality, it wasn’t.  The conversion code wasn’t installed right.

It’s a relief knowing it wasn’t you, but now you can’t track the conversions coming in.  Who exactly is supposed to be the tech person in the relationship?

There are times when even IT people or web developers still don’t understand how to properly implement AdWords conversion codes.  If this is the case, this is where you jump in to save the day by troubleshooting and fixing the problem.

 has written a post for Search Engine Land that outlines tips that you can keep on hand to diagnose the no-conversions problem when a scenario like this rises.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a non-teche PPC professional to us her information.

Check out her post by following the link below and find out what you can do to deal with this particular problem, if should ever come about.

Search Engine Land: Troubleshooting AdWords Conversion Tracking For Non-Techies