If you want to understand your users’ behavior and measure the performance of your site, one of the most important tools you can use to do is is Google Analytics.  After all, it’s used by millions across the world, and millions can’t be wrong.

Despite the fact that Google Analytics is an incredibly important part of the decision-making process for a number of businesses and blogs, it seems that sites do little or no data filtering after installing the tracking code.  This isn’t a smart move.

Without the appropriate filtered data, you go deeper and deeper and find that much of it isn’t real.  It’s just artificial.  If you don’t properly configure your Google Analytics, and only pay attention to the summary reports, a lot of the information you’re given will be full of bogus information mixed with your real data.  This means that you won’t know what’s legitimate data and what’s not.

To make sure you get the real data from your analytics, Carlos Escalera will show you how to use the tools that GA provides to eliminate all the artificial excess that inflates your reports and corrupts your data.

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Source – Carlos Escalera