email-logoHaving a great site, with some great marketing is an excellent way of getting potential customers to your site.  Attracting new customers is certainly a strong business attribute to have, but is that enough?  Actually, no matter how many new customers you’re getting to come to your site, you’re only getting half the equation right.  The other half of the equation is getting existing customers to come back, multiple times if possible.  If you can do that, you’re doing quite well.

One way to keep customers coming back is utilizing an email campaign that keeps your customers informed of your business’ latest and greatest products and services.  The email campaign that you are using needs to address what is important to the customer, as well as having a clear call-to-action.  After all, if your customer gets an email from you, and they have no idea what you want from them, your campaign will fail.

Your campaign needs to be based on reliable research to support claims and lead the prospects in the right direction.  In a Marketing Land post, Daniel Faggella shares with us a few email campaign tweaks and audience research  ideas that can help you build trust, and meet customer needs.  Check them out by following the link provided below.

Marketing Land: How To Turn Prospect Priorities Into Email Sales Ammunition