TweetDeck_Splash_BannerFor all of the folks using TweetDeck, take note.  Twitter has announced that by the end of March, TweetDeck users will have to sign onto the platform using their Twitter credentials.

What’s this mean?  Those users still using an email and password combination to get into the platform will need o make the switch in the next couple weeks, or else the will lose their column setups.  Losing your setup might not be great, especially if you use TweetDeck religiously, but fortunately, the change is easy.  All you need to do is click on the “Switch” link on the TweetDeck login page and follow the instructions.

The reason Twtter gives is that this move will help tighten security. From the blog post announcing the change:

“A major benefit of this migration is safety and security. Logging in with Twitter is secure since Twitter accounts have the ability to enable login verification. Using your Twitter login also allows you to take advantage of our new teams feature, which means you can delegate access to an account without sharing the password. You’ll have fewer passwords to remember and everyone on the team gets access to the shared account by logging in with their own Twitter username and password.”

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